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The need for needles

Here at Path Acupuncture we strongly believe in the use of acupuncture to bring your body back into a state of health. Not all issues can be completely resolved but we can certainly bring them under control and help you live an enjoyable and fulfilled life.

The needles we use are single use sterile needles that unlike a traditional hypodermic needle have no cutting edge. For this reason many times you will feel no significant sensation upon insertion of a needle. Once the needle tip is past the 7 layers of skin you may have some sensation but typically it is not one of pain. Some people describe a sensation of tightness, heaviness, itching, or warmth, but everyone is an individual so you may have a different sensation or no sensation at all. What we look for, especially in cases dealing with pain, is relief of your pain.

Initial Consultation & Treatment - $100

Follow Up Treatments - $60

House Call

$1.25/minute of travel time from Sugar Land, TX + standard treatment fees (40 minute travel to and from home for an initial consultation would be $150)