Chinese Herbs are a wonderful way to bring your body back into balance so that you can return to being the you, you so fondly remember. Chinese herbs consist of plant, animal, and mineral materials. The bulk of the items are however from the plant category. There are some substances that are in the Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia that have been banned however. These include items made from animals that are endangered as well as materials that come from plants, animals, or minerals that have been deemed as toxic, or unsafe by the US government. 

Like western pharmaceuticals, Chinese herbs need to be prescribed by a licensed practitioner in the the state of Texas. The reason for this, is that the herbs affect the internal chemistry of your body. If the wrong formula is prescribed it may adversely affect you and actually make your condition worse. If you notice any side effects or worsening of your condition please contact us immediately so we may assess the situation and make any changes necessary. As you may be aware many of the western prescriptions are derived from the active ingredients of herbs. The formulas work in a different manner though, as you are not just getting one isolated part of the herbs chemistry. You are getting the entire herb, often with several other herbs. These herbs then work in a synergistic way to balance out the possible side effects of each other as well as strengthen the therapeutic effects  of the individual herbs. By changing one herb, or the dose of one herb in a formula can therefore change the specific use of the formula. Since each patient is an individual this allows us a great deal of flexibility to customize the formula to best suit your needs at that specific time.