Let us know about your experience at Path Acupuncture

Mike, my hand feels 100% better. No pain at all. Thank you for your help.

-Kuba T.

I had joint pain in my thumb for several years.  I was told I could take medication for the rest of my life or have surgery to replace the joint. Mike conducted two treatments on my thumb joint and there was immediate relief.  I have since had much less pain in the joint and am able to use my thumb without difficulty.             Thanks Mike!

-Don H.

It was a relaxing, comfortable, and very pleasant atmosphere. Best of all the treatment worked great.


I had a stubborn and painful kidney stone that was reluctant to pass.  My Urologist ruled out lithotripsy, believing the stone would soon pass on its own.  After seven weeks of malaise and slowly deteriorating kidney function, I went to Mike for acupuncture treatments.  I had four treatments and I felt progressively better and more energetic after each session.  I was elated when the stone passed the following week.  I have had no further complications.
Thank you for helping me, Mike.

-Jerry G.

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