Cupping is one of the modalities we use to promote healing and well being here at Path Acupuncture. Cupping uses negative pressure (suction) to increase blood flow to an area and to remove toxins. There are several different techniques used when it comes to cupping. There is static cupping which entails creating a vacuum and placing the cup on a single, static position on the body for a set amount of time.  Flash cupping is another technique where the cup is set on the skin momentarily and then forcibly removed from the skin causing a popping sound. This process is repeated over and over. Once the glass cup becomes too hot it will be replaced with a fresh cup to prevent burning. Another option is slide cupping. To perform this technique oil must first be applied to the skin and sometimes to the rim of the cup. The cup is applied to the body in the same manner as it is for static cupping, but instead of leaving it in one place the cup is slid across the body. All of these these techniques are classified as dry cupping, whereas bleeding cupping is referred to as wet cupping. When using bleeding cupping a small incision is made using a 3 edged acupuncture needle, or a lancet. The cup is then placed on top of the incision allowing stagnated blood to be removed. After using a cup to perform bleeding cupping the cup will be cleansed and sterilized in an autoclave machine.